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National VegOil Board

I began the National VegOil Board in 2006 with a web site and an idea to collect all of the scattered information about straight vegetable oil as a fuel into one place.  The idea expanded into unification of the individual businesses developing VegOil as a fuel.

While the NVOB was successful in bringing information to the public, forming a coalition of the business owners proved impossible.  The NVOB ceased accepting new members or updating the site in 2008.  The web site was left up until 2010 in the hopes that someone else would pick up the idea and carry it forward.

VegOil as a Fuel

Heard in 2005 on NPR Stations KUNM in Albuquerque NM, KDVS in Davis, CA, KMRE in Bellingham WA, and WAMC in Albany NY.


VegOil as a Fuel

Part One

What is it?  How does it work? Why do it?


VegOil as a fuel

Part Two

Running out of fuel - with Suzanne Shanlan,  Andrew Couch of Deep Fried Rides, and Ray Holan, author of Sliding Home.


VegOil as a fuel

Part Three

Legality of VegOil.  Chatting with Andrew Couch of Deep Fried Rides, and Justin Carven of Greasecar about making VegOil mainstream.


VegOil as a Fuel

Part Four

Gathering used vegetable oil.  How to take the Grunge out.  Talking with Naysayers, Bruce Davidson of the Sirius community, Ken Hodges of Grassolean and Charlie Anderson of Greasel.


VegOil as a fuel

Part Five

Evolution of Driving and VegOil - with Vivian Andrus.

Rudolf Diesel

VegOil as a fuel

Part Six

Future of VegOil Industry.  And why haven't we been using this all along?