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Build a Rocket habitat

The benefits of space exploration both here on Earth and far beyond have never been more active, or important.  Motivations to gain some distance from our home planet so as to appreciate and protect it more, differ.

Some see business opportunities. Others seek for adventure and intellectual satisfaction.  There are dire concerns for the continuation of Life As We Know It, and hopes to protect the human species through dispersal to multiple planets.

As a Solar System Ambassador I would like to offer anyone interested a curated view of the aspects of space exploration that most interests or concerns them.

Email me at ssacynthiashelton@gmailDOTcom to request a free space presentation or activity for your group - any age.  If distance is a problem, we can work out a remote online solution.

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Close up of Asteroid Dimorphos
just before impact


Power Points on topics such as:

NASA Spinoffs - Tools created for space and used on Earth

Earth Weather from Space

Rocket Launches - Past and Present

Extremophiles in Space and on Earth

Careers in Space

Amazing Women in the aerospace field

What is YOUR group interested in ?


Design a Universe Pizza Slice